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63 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Paul Birdsong says:

    I have some screen shots of family feud answers. What Email do i send them to?

  2. Paul Birdsong says:

    Are you getting my emails? and do you want them in another format?

  3. Paul Birdsong says:

    and do you want me to add whether they are single, double, or triple?

  4. Sorry Paul, we are very backed up with all the overwhelming support from everyone. Just took a look at your e-mails and yes we do need them in a different format and you do not need to label what round they are from.

  5. Paul Birdsong says:

    What format is best for you?

  6. Andry says:

    Just found this web^^
    very helpful ^^
    I’m played on facebook and its hard because Family feud really american style on the answer so hard for me to guess the answer ^^

    oh yes I have a screenshot too, I’ll send it to you ^^
    and if i found another one and when i search on your files it not exist
    I’ll send it to you again ^^

  7. clararara says:

    i just sent a bunch to the email you gave above ^^^

    hope it helps!

  8. michelle says:

    What’s a “screen shot” and how do I send it to you?

  9. Christina Owens says:

    Sending more print screens 🙂 glad you are doing this site….I haven’t got a perfect score yet but maybe with enough time and help from others I will soon 🙂
    Thanx again 🙂

  10. Christina says:

    i sent a bunch also to the email you gave above…thanks for this website its awesome

  11. rakalrakal says:

    I just sent you 5 screenshots! 😀 hope that helps 8)

  12. Alex Schubert says:

    hey everybody!

    i was looking to be a moderator. i was wondering if i could be one and if i could, how i would be able to do so. please get back at me asap!


  13. Sam Brown says:

    What is the preferred (or easiest) way to submit screenshots?

  14. Dan Fish says:

    Thanks, this Family Feud has some really dumb questions/answers at times.

  15. Paul Cook says:

    Wasn’t able to get the screen shot, but these are the answers under Triple:

    Tell me a famous Nick or Nicholas.
    1. Nicholas Cage
    2. St. Nick
    3. Nick Nolte

  16. Alexx says:

    Where can we donate screenshots?

  17. samamos13 says:

    Hey Team!
    I was wondering- How do you save only the Family Feud portion of your game? I know how to save a whole screen shot but I don’t know how to save only the game portion?- like you guys do. Do we have to donate them to you then you guys crop it or what?

    • nadera17 says:

      I have a mac, so I use the Grab utility and select just the Feud portion of the screen. Another option is like you said, crop it after snapping the whole screen.

  18. Hemang says:

    I have a bunch of screenshots – which id do i send them to?

  19. Cassy816 says:

    I tried to email my screenshots to the above address but it wouldn’t go through.

  20. Sarah says:

    I would like to be a moderator!!


  21. Gabriela Pinedo says:

    i have a picture and i Want to send it to you guys but how?

  22. shannen says:

    tell me something that grandpa would say “ain’t what it used to be”
    # 1 cars
    # 2 kids
    # 3 gas prices
    # 4 food
    # 5 music
    # 6 clothes

  23. jojo says:

    Just sent two png’s. 🙂

  24. Betty Booper says:

    Been watching family feud for many years. Steve Harvey is the best host ever!
    This show never made me laugh so much before. Great choice! Thank you.

  25. jay says:

    I’m looking for an episode with the Wilson family where he asked what are the top reasons someone would yell o while in bed

  26. Sandra F. Damianos says:

    if i want to upload some shots, how do i do it?

    • cakewalk808 says:

      You can sign up to become a user on our site and we can make you an author, or you can e-mail us and we will do it for you 🙂

      Let us know and have a great day!

  27. Steve Harvey is excellent on Family Feud and he should stay with the show a long time. Every day at 6P.M. in PA on Channel 108 in Allegheny County in Bethel Park, I turn on the TV to that channel, maybe earlier to see Richard Karn.
    Keep up the good performance.

  28. Lina rott says:

    Steve Harvey is the best host ever on family feud. I’ve never been as entertained as when he is on. He is amazing. What a talent. And damn good looking to. Snappy dresser, a real hunk. Love him

  29. dan says:

    Please someone explain to me why no family has ever won $20.000 more than once…..can you say rigged….folks in Ga. say yes absolutely

  30. dan says:

    I just told you what im thinking…its very odd not one family has EVER won $20.000 more than once

  31. Denise Nickolson says:

    Family Feud USED to be a family show. But now there are very few episodes where there is no talk of sex, female and male parts in them. And Steve Harvey’s reaction to some answers is disgusting. I have renamed this show “Sex Feud”. Bring back the actual Family Feud where children can watch without being shocked and embarrassed.

    Thank you

    • Chris Scott says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

      They should get rid of that nasty Steve Harvey!

      Also I think it should be called, “The Feud of the Races!” Notice how every show it is always black or Hispanic vs white? Everytime!

      And now,, I just watched a show that aired on 05/06/2016, between none other than a white and Hispanic family and here is what happened!

      The whites had a chance to steal and win the game.

      The question was, “name something people swipe.”

      The white family said “your wallet”——the big X came up!

      So the Hispanics won.

      Then when they showed the other answers i could not believe how they cheated those poor white people out of the game!

      One of the remaining answers was, MONEY!”

      So the whites said , WALLET, the answer was MONEY and they did not give it to them!

      Let me ask you something?

      Why would a person swipe your wallet?


      Because they were swiping your MONEY?

      Why do we carry wallets?

      To carry our money!

      I just could not believe it!

      This show has gone down the drain!!!

      I am through with watching it!

  32. Mike Melton says:

    I am disgusted at the R rated questions that Steve is asking on Family Feud. It seems like so many of the questions relate to sex and strip clubs like that is a normal topic of discussion at everyone’s dinner table. Steve can’t leave the words damn and ass alone. It’s not Family Feud any more. You should change the name to accommodate the new topics and sexual innuendos. As of today Family Feud is NO LONGER on my record list.

  33. adrian holley says:

    i want to play for big money
    mail to adrian holley po box 726 elkivew wv 25071

  34. frank cosatino says:

    a lot. the celeberaty family fude has audion description. this is great for blind people that want to follow along. the week day family fude doesn’t have that. when the audience gives the answers, you can’t understand them. i wish you and steve harvy would consider audio description on all shows. the blind community would be very happy.
    frank cosatinoi enjoy family fude

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